what is that for????

I know I wrote about jeans shopping a little while ago, but I think I just had an even stranger experience...I am not a big make up person, my morning routine, bit of BB cream, eyeliner, mascara and lip balm and I am gone...takes me all of 2 minutes and with the other 3 spent... Continue Reading →

what would you do?

I watched Arrival last night - not sure if you have seen it.  (Spoiler alert!!) It was a strange story, predominently of a woman who was trying to learn the alien language and the movie kept flitting between this and her memories.  Or what I initially thought were her memories.  Part way through I worked... Continue Reading →


Are you a doubter?  I am a worrier but I am also a doubter.  I doubt myself all the time, both professionally and personally.  Not sure what it is and why I do it but there is a constant nagging doubt of whether I am good enough, whether I know what I am doing or... Continue Reading →

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