what is that for????

I know I wrote about jeans shopping a little while ago, but I think I just had an even stranger experience…I am not a big make up person, my morning routine, bit of BB cream, eyeliner, mascara and lip balm and I am gone…takes me all of 2 minutes and with the other 3 spent on taming my hair into a pony tail, 5 minutes is about all I need (and can spare in the morning!).

So big workshop at work this week and seeing as I am presenting to around 70 people for 40% of the three day workshop I kind of thought I needed to make a little more of an effort.  Another prouncement to my husband ‘I am going to head to the shops and get some make up’ to which he looked for the nearest exit, preferably one that made him disappear.  (internal monologue – this worse than the jeans shopping, she’ going come back saying how old she feels and the rest of the weekend will be a write off).

Instead of going on my own, I thought I might take the girls with me.  At 11 and 10 they are starting to get into going to the big high street stores and starting to have an interest in their skin.  Little did I know how smart that was!

Walking in I was a little dismayed how many brands there are…there used to just be Revlon and Mabelline back in the old days but now there are more brands than I have even heard of.  Yes my last make up purchase was in the cretaceous period and I believe they found some of the same items next to the last dinosaur fossil they dug up but why do they need this many brands?

Whilst I headed straight for names I had heard before, the range of products was astonishing and to be honest, I didnt even know what most were for, let alone how to apply them…thats where the girls come in.  They knew everything and I mean everything.  They chatted away with me hovering close by about how you use this product and that product. How the hell did they know all this??? YOUTUBE!!!

Apparently its all the rage (not youtube – i know what that is…) to share your make up tips and routines online.  They could tell me who uses which foundation, what’s the different between a matt and glossy lip pen was and what was the right foundation for me.  Slightly feeling like I am not providing the rounded education for my children that I have always prided myself on, I took on board their advice, blew this months food budget and left the store.

Seriously, are we that worried about what we look like and what we would like to look like that we need all this???  It’s quite a scary thing that our young girls are growing up with this perception that you need to constantly improve yourself and not in the way that I would like them to think they should.  There needs to be a balance – and youtube is hopefully teaching them other things and not just how to apply makeup.

In saying that, I did buy some and I am hoping that on Monday morning before my first workshop session that I can figure out how to apply it and not look like the clown from Stephen King’s IT.  Might be take your child to work day???


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