really? not something i would be proud of?

Not sure I am the most professional mum on the block but I do have certain sense of decorum and what is right. And boasting about how bad a parent I am is not something I would be proud of?

Maybe I am old fashioned but I am proud to be a mum no matter how disorganised and silly I am. Yes there are days that run smoother than others and yes there are days when I think I must have been crazy??  But I never feel that the bad days outweigh the good days nor my bad parenting moments overshadow those brilliant ‘proud mummy’ moments that bring tears to my eyes…

I am a proud mum and it is important to me that my kids know that too.  Throw me in a boardroom and I will be the most composed person in the room but when the teacher comes down the stairs from the classroom and tells me how amazing my child has been and that she is a role model student for the rest of the school, then I am a blubbing mess.  My kids laugh at me but they know I am so proud of them and that is what counts. #worrywomen


2 thoughts on “really? not something i would be proud of?

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  1. I urge you to read the own blogs of these writers mentioned in this poorly written and one sided argument. I have been following 3 of them for a year and they are lovely, well balanced mums that love their kids and also are brace enough to write about how hard it can get. In particular Hurrah for Gin’s post entitled “it’s not just you” which supports mental health awareness in mothers.
    We are all entitled to our opinion of course, and balanced ones are better. Thanks for writing yours, as it isn’t scathing just your take on the article. My opinion is that the article does not reflect who these women are at all.

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    1. Agree their blogs are great and the article has just taken the aspects that they want to sensationalise. As you say, my opinion on what was written and that’s what makes blogging fun, seeing all sides…thanks for commenting!


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