what would you do?

I watched Arrival last night – not sure if you have seen it.  (Spoiler alert!!) It was a strange story, predominently of a woman who was trying to learn the alien language and the movie kept flitting between this and her memories.  Or what I initially thought were her memories.  Part way through I worked out they were not her memories but a new ability that the aliens had passed on which allowed her to see what her future would look like.

Once I realised this the dread set in…her as yet unborn child becomes very sick in the movie and I realised that she knew this before she even gave birth but yet still made the decision to proceed with it.  I am not sure why but this lay very heavily with me and by the end of the movie I didn’t even try to keep in my tears.  I was inconsolable as she made the decision with her husband to make the baby, all the time knowing that this child would get very sick and not grow up.

Would you make the same decision?  Would you want to have those special moments however fleeting even though you knew your child would go through a terrible illness and they would be snatched away? As a parent you spend your entire life trying to keep your children safe and well.  Its the first thing everyone wants to know after giving birth, are they healthy?

So would you do it? Would you make that selfish decision?  Is it infact even selfish?  I can’t quite work it out – I am not sure if I am angry at her for continuing to have the child and putting the child through the illness or whether I would selfishly make the same decision to have the love and joy that your child can bring.  I am not partial to talking about movies and I normally forget them within a few hours.  Whilst the whole movie was not something that I would highly recommend, the concept and the provokative question it brought up will stay with me for a long time… #worrywomen

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