how to excite me in the morning…

It’s Saturday morning. You wake up, roll over and do what most other people old enough to have a phone do – check it. Social media, email, the news…

Sometimes you get one of the notification emails for those who play the lottery. Not that I play all the time but when there is a big one (talking I am throwing in my job and buying a private island kind of big) I like to dream. When one of these ‘check your account we have news’ emails comes in, the mind goes into overdrive.

As I log in, I am contemplating all the things I can do and not do anymore. I am composing my resignation, deciding whether my bank manager has been nice enough to me and figuring out how I will share my winnings with family and friends. Will I tell them? How much will I give to charity? What difference could I make?  Would people notice if I suddenly turn up on the school run in full Versace glory??

But then you get into the system and it is about $20. All your philanthropic dreams come tumbling down and you resign yourself to putting it towards takeaway pizza for dinner. Lifestyles of the rich and famous it’s not but pizza with my gorgeous family is a pretty good substitute. #worrywoman

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