decisions, decisions, decisions…

Everyday there are decisions that need to be made with most being pretty simple but for me, its the big ones that really drive my worry into overdrive.  I have never been great at taking big risks and if you put a situation in front of me that has required me to make a big decision, I can almost feel my blood pressure start to rise.

Work decisions for day to day are fine – no issue whatsoever.  Career decisions, thats a different story.  I have been really lucky since joining my current employer as I haven’t had to make any.  Through changes in the business, I have just been given a new role every 18months or so.  This has taken my having to talk about what is next and what do I want to do with my life off the table.  I haven’t even had to update a CV except on Linkedin!  Perfect!!

Until now…there are some conversations at the moment at work which of course flow into home about a potential relocation including a job change – whilst I can rationalise with myself on all the pros and cons, I am again hoping the decision is made for me or something happens that means it is not up to me.  Its the impact to our family that is really driving the worry and how will the children cope with the change.

No doubt I am over thinking it and the children will just get on with it – they are so much more resilient than we are.  I wish I had some of their optimism and coping mechanisms but unfortunately I just turn it immediately into worry.  We are in the final few weeks before an actual decision will need to be made but I think the moral of the story is be careful where show interest or wish/ask for – it might just come back and bite you in the ass!! #worrywomen


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