postnatal depression (in men)

I recently was reading this post on the BBC site.  I love the BBC online newsbeat and was really interested to see the title of the article.

Having a baby is a huge change to your life and as a women, everyone tells you how much it will impact your body, your emotions and your personal time.  The amount of advice that I got about how to ensure I still had ‘me’ time and also how to ‘keep my relationship alive’.  What was really interesting was the only advice my husband got was about how little he would be allowed out now and how it would ruin his boys nights out.  Given my husband didn’t go out with the boys that much, it was a bit pointless.

This article really brought it home that no-one really even mentioned how it might impact him emotionally or mentally.  Becoming a mother is hard, and being a father is just as tough.  Sure some of the physical aspects didn’t happen to my husband but the emotions are still there – they just weren’t driven by hormones like mine were.

It is great to see men starting to really openly talk about their feelings and sharing their experiences.  There is still a huge stigma about being seen as weak but slowly and surely we are starting to get off this antiquated idea. #worrywomen—young-dads-on-postnatal-depression?ocid=socialflow_facebook&ns_mchannel=social&ns_campaign=bbcnews&ns_source=facebook

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