life so busy

Sometimes I don’t know how to get through the week.  Last week is a great example, one sick child, one child not wanting to go to school and meetings at work to juggle for both me and the other half!  It is really a juggle and with no family to truly rely on it is tougher still.

Do you find that everything seems to hit in one week?  Not sure how it happens but it is like all the different balls that we have to juggle as grown ups seem to collude and choose the same week to throw some curve balls at you.  Whatever it is, it ALWAYS seems to be the at the same time that this happens.

Worry starts about two weeks out when the notices from school come home for a few excursions for the kids and work decides to put a couple of day workshop in.  And if you are even luckier, a workshop that is not in your home location but a few hours down the road.  Yep let’s get the team out of their normal environment and really focus on our plans for the year (bet you have all heard that one!)…great when you have lots of support but not when it happens to fall in the same week as your partners ‘offsite workshop’.  Sure what a jolly for those without responsibilities but seriously, does it really make a difference?!?!?

Anyway, the week before is spent working out who is doing what and when.  And then figuring out when is the best time to tell the kids that mum and dad will be away – and on the same night!!  7yo has tears, and proceeds to tell me how this will mean he will miss me  and asking why do I have to go away??  Though when I book us a great holiday using the hard earned money from my job (that very rarely takes me away for  the night), he is happy to take the spoils but the emotional blackmail comes out when there is something out of the ordinary…

So next week will be full of tears, emotional ups and downs and thats just me…the kids will no doubt have a great time with Granny and the games night that always ensues but the guilt of a working mum will live on in me.  The worrywomen in me will be at its peak this week and only when it gets to Friday will I start to feel that I have survived it.  Bring on the weekend (and it still Sunday of the weekend before)… #worrywomen #gottagethroughit

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