a new year…live smarter, not harder

A new year is upon us worrywomen and it is when I really start to reflect on what I really want to do with my life.  Been lots of changes at work which I survived unscathed unlike many others but a little bit of me might have liked that redundancy that would have meant a summer on the beach with the kids…I think I would have really loved that not just from getting to spend endless hot days with the kids playing but just not having the ground hog day routine that is sometimes, well most times, my life.

But anyway no more day dreaming as it wasnt meant to be.  But given how the corporate world is changing with constant restructures and changes, it might be right around the corner tho knowing my luck I think it will end up being winter…

But then I think about our 10 year plan and how this new year gets me one year closer to making it happen and ensuring that in our later years are not stressed, not impacted financially by a simple unplanned expense and that I can spend my years like my parents, travelling around the world and enjoying the life they have left. (sounds callous but its true)

I mentioned in a previous post that money is the thing that makes most stress in the world and I know it does for me.  So when we sat down and made a plan for the future (at the ripe old age of 40 or so) it felt like we were planning for the end of the world.  It’s not true and it is actually just being sensible to make sure that for the rest of our lives we live smarter not harder.  I have always applied that rule to my work life, work smarter not harder.  So why not apply it to my personal life too.

Making the plan was a revelation to us and really showed us what we could do if we were more clear on what our goals were and where we should be spending & saving.  More importantly, what is the best way for us to invest our savings in order to ‘create wealth’.  It was quite sickening to see how much money we wasted on silly things and where by actually changing a few simple things we could make a real difference.  Since agreeing on what we wanted to do, we haven’t looked back. Our goals are slowly moving forward and we are ticking things off.  It is a real sense of achievement when we look back at 2016 and see everything that we have done.

Whilst we have a plan, we sometimes find we are deviating from it.  Opportunities spring up and sometimes it is crazy not to take them.  Someone clever said that life is worth living and I truly agree.  We want to not just have a stress free later years but live smart now.

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