If there is one thing that causes worry around the world, it’s money.  Money, money, money, no matter what currency, no matter where in the world.  I truly believe money is what makes the worry go around.  And at this time of year, it is worse with all the commitments for celebrations and presents for loved ones.

As  worrywomen, I would challenge you all to truly be honest and work out how money impacts your life.  Is it a love / hate relationship – you love it when you have a little spare money or hate how it feels when you don’t?  Being honest, that is me in complete transparency.

We both work so have a dual income that should cover the mortgage, bills, and all the expenses that three young children bring (thankfully we are past the childcare years otherwise I would be crying and rocking as I type).  There is never a week that goes by that an unexpected costs doesn’t come out of the wood work.  If you want to a split personality, try me on a Monday and then see what I am like by the end of the week.  Especially the week just before payday.  Here’s my internal monologue on pay week…

Me (on Monday):  wow there is money in the bank – we are going to make it…might even see if we can do a takeaway as a treat on Friday night.

Me (on Wednesday): how did he ruin his school shoes? Do they still let them play soccer at lunchtime?  Maybe we should campaign as parents to stop it so we don’t have to keep buying shoes.

Me (on Thursday): S*%t – why is our electricity bill so high?  Who is leaving the lights on?  They need to learn to shut the fridge.  Why do they need to stand there and look at food for so long only to shut the door, go back to the cupboard and then start all over again???  I am going to get a timer to put on the fridge.

Me (on Friday): How are we going to get through the weekend????  There is hardly any food – definitely no wine and I promised a Friday night takeaway on Monday.  Gotta think of priorities here, Wine, Food, Takeaway.

Me (on Friday at 2pm): yippee found a twenty in a coat pocket..takeaway and wine it is…

Sound familiar???  I think I need some techniques to manage my money better…(and my roller coaster of emotions…)


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