Most of our lives are spent juggling.  Whether it is our social life with our work, kids activities with the household chores, life is one constant juggle. I made a decision last week that somethings just are not as important as others.  And boy did it show in our house…

So instead of spending my Saturday racing around the house trying to get the housework done, I just left it.  Yes, just left it.  Actually pretty tough to stop doing something that I have done most of my adult life – excluding those days when hangovers on a Saturday were just too horrific to face and we used to sleep through Saturday mornings.  All pre-kids of course.

So I just didn’t clean up.  Didn’t put any washing on, didn’t bleach the bathrooms to within an inch of their lives, didn’t race to the supermarket at 7am to miss the crowds.  I just left it…

Did I mention I am a control freak?  Oh and I think I am a little OCD too (just wait for the post on counting cut up vegetables).  Stopping doing just the simplest of tasks that keeps the house on track each week is really difficult.  It played on my mind all day and I kept thinking of the all the things that I should be doing, of all the things I wasn’t doing.  I am suprised my fitness tracker didn’t actually explode with the increased heart rate.  Easiest way to get some cardio ever!

But guess what?  The world didn’t stop.  The house didn’t fall apart and no-one died of a terrible disease that developed in the unwashed dishes in the sink.  So what that we ran out of forks, the kids actually had to wash one up themselves though number 3 decided those little dessert forks you have never used actually were good enough to use for pasta (maybe it will toughen the kids up a bit too?).

Whilst I am not sure I can live in a house where the toilet isn’t clean, I do think I can live in a house that is not always perfect.  Who am I kidding, with 3 kids, it’s never perfect but just a little bit less clean and organised is not a bad place to be…


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